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THE NEXT LEVEL ENTOURAGE (7 week virtual group program)


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THE NEXT LEVEL ENTOURAGE (7 week virtual group program)
THE NEXT LEVEL ENTOURAGE (7 week virtual group program)



Drawing on all her years of experience with clients working behind the chair as a hairstylist and studying personal development is the inspiration behind Jamie's THE NEXT LEVEL ENTOURAGE. None of us no matter what our circumstances could've gotten to where we are today without the help from others. After having a successful crowd funding launch. Raising over $10,000 to create her first product, CHOLAKI Amethyst Hair Serum. Opening up her own studio and pivoting to launch her life coaching business online during the pandemic. Jamie is constantly asked how did she do it? 

Her answer is always the same. She credits 2 things that have helped her have the courage to go after and build her dreams. One being her personal development journey.  Daily gratitude practice, mindset shifts, creative visualization, her biggest game changer, mirror work and so much more. The second having a supportive group of like minded women that she could go to for a co-mentoring experience. She found this experience in a mastermind group setting. After years of learning and attending masterminds combined with Jamie's life experiences, THE NEXT LEVEL ENTOURAGE was born.

In this LIVE virtual group program, Jamie shows women How to create more confidence and amplify self love through her signature "NEXT LEVEL" aligning methods.

Each week, Jamie guides you through step by step the resources, tools, and techniques she's used to becoming more confident, having more self love and feeling more empowered in her life. All this has led her to build a successful businesses and more importantly live a more happy and joyous life. 

To have any success in life it starts with us as the individual and doing the inner work. STEPPING OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONES INTO OUR EMPOWERMENT ZONE!

You will learn how to create a morning and evening personal empowering routine.

Each week you will learn about a different crystal and how crystals can help you amplify self love and business success. 

MIRROR WORK 101 An introduction and the history of mirror work.                            Why MIRROR WORK it will be a game changer in creating more confidence in your life and help launch you into "MAINFASTION MODE"   

Your own personal affirmations created specially for you and your needs

An accountability partner to help you stay motivated and feel extra support

A private voxer group were you can ask Jamie questions through out the mastermind, share inspiring stories and your personal wins!! 

As part of your enrollment in The next Level Mastermind you will receive a (60min) 1:1 Self Love & Success Empowerment Session with Jamie a ($125 value)

Along with access to December's and January's monthly women's gratitude circle ($44 value)

Confidence is a key part of living and creating the life you want for yourself!

It's the first step into embracing your "Next Level Self"

It's also the first step in letting go of perfectionism. NOW, is the time for you to stop dimming your light so others will feel comfortable. NOW, is the time for you to ACTIVATE and OWN YOUR SPARKLE! NOW, IS THE TIME TO STEP MORE INTO YOUR PURPOSE. NOW IS THE TIME TO LIVE IN YOUR PURPOSE! The best part is you won't have to do it alone. You will have an entourage of like minded ladies who are all on the same journey as you. 

This is YOUR time to shine and Jamie wants to help show you how!      

Jamie's "THE NEXT LEVEL ENTOURAGE"  Meets virtually through zoom over a 7 week period, mondays 1/04/2021-2/15/2021 (6:00pm-7:15pm est). 

All live meet ups will be recorded so no worries if you are in a different time zone or miss a week. 

In order to keep this intimate, SPACE IS LIMITED!

PLEASE NOTE  A welcome email with the zoom link will be emailed to you with in 24-48hrs after purchasing. If you have any questions please email owningyoursparkle@gmail.com

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