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Q. Why Amethyst?
A. The scientific reasons, It's a natural heat protectant and negative ion (negative ions are what's in all the "fancy" blow dryers and help minimize static and add shine.
A. The fun facts reasons, Amethyst is part of the crown charka and is a gem stone of transformation and enlightenment.
It's the birthstone of February. 
It has long been considered a gemstone of royalty, and many people believe that is why the color of royalty is purple.
At one time Amethyst was as rare and expensive as diamonds.
Q. Can all hair types use it?
A. YES! our Amethyst hair serum is not only color safe but it can be used with all hair types. The best way to describe working with our serum is as a layering product. With some hair types (fine hair) one pump is all you might need. While with other hair types (thick/wavy) you may use our serum and mix it with your other favorite products. Another way to look at it is like this... some people only need/use a light moisturizer for their face while others might layer and work with a face lotion, oil and eye cream.
Q. Do you apply it on wet or dry hair? 
You can apply CHOLAKI amethyst hair serum to both wet and dry hair. Our founder loves using it after she brushes out her waves on next day unwashed hair. Our signature formula is non-greasy and noticeably improves shine.
***PRO TIP Warm Amethyst Hair Serum in the palm of your hands. Work your way up from ENDS to ROOTS. 
***PRO TIP Apply serum on dry hair before curling iron or flat ironing. Amethyst is a natural added heat protectant.
Q. Do you have an ambassador program?
A. Stay tuned we are launching one in January 2021. If your crystal obsessed and think you would be a good fit for our brand please email AMBASSADOR in subject line and what ideas you have.
Q. Whats your return policy?
Your satisfaction is important to us! We have a 15-day return policy.       If your serum arrives damaged or you are not satisfied, simply return your unused and we will gladly issue a refund/exchange. For returned orders please note that shipping  + 20% handling fee will be non-refundable. We are also happy to assist you if you have any questions on how to use the serum. please email and in title serum use question.